Manual controlled Robot

My first robot which I made is manually controlled robot, the mechanical design and the wiring all done in home on 17th Sep 2013.

2013-09-17 23.35.56

Mechanical Design :

The reason why I have chosen track type instead of normal wheels is for a better navigation in all type of rough condition without any difficulty. As I am an Electronics Engineer, took military tank as a reference for mechanical design of the robot.

2013-09-17 23.32.34

Electronics and Wiring :

I have used four gear type motors 400 rpm high torque motors which provide a good torque for the robot. And the motors pairs are connected in parallel to maintain the same speed in both the motors so that the voltage will be maintained same to provide same speed, which helps the to maintain a constant path without any drag.

Control :


For control normal two DPDT switch is used , by which we can able to controll the robot the direction left , right, straight and even 360 degree turn.

Finally, I learnt that mechanical design is very important in all case as a Electronics engineer.

Checkout the video in which tested this robot for the first time right-after it got finished.


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