Line Following Robot

2014-02-01 08.38.16

Line following is very basic and important for the further involvement in autonomous robots as it covers basic control system with more number of sensors. And recently a restaurant name called Wall E in china serving the food to costumers using robots in which the navigation to each and every table is done by using line following technique. So, I believe line following robot is very important for robotic geeks out there. This is line following robot which I made in the year 2013 , one of the main point to highlight in this line following robot is, the entire robot will cost very low.

Components used in Line following robot :

  •  ATmega16 micro controller
  • Two IR sensors ( four which I used for competition )
  • L293D motor driver
  • Two 300 rpm dc motor
  • one caster wheel
  • voltage regulator 7805
  • 9v 1amp battery
  • A switch
  • chasis
  • two wheels

The main reason why the cost become down is, because I used Atmega16 instead of Arduino or raspberry pi. The normal C programming is used in this robot in AVR platform. lemalabs

First I have regulated the voltage from 9v 1amp battery to 5 volt using 7805 voltage regulator because the Atmega16 requires only 5 volt to perform its task and to power it on. Then the output pins are given to motor driver L293D and the output are give to to the 300 rpm dc motors. Then the 12v is given to the motor through the L293D motor driver. The IR sensors are given to Analog to Digital converting input pins, now according to the IR sensors output, the micro controller ATmega16 gives the command to the motor driver L293D , now again according to the motor diver’s output the wheel rotates. This is the basic overview actually whats happening in the line following robot. Checkout my first line following testing video


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