Electronic Security System.

This Electronic security system helps to lock the door, gives indication by alarm sound and red flash light when there is a theft occurs.

Everyone in the world strives to keep their life, property, and office space as safe as possible. We’ve worked years to build and maintain our life, businesses,etc. and when you leave, you want to make sure that everything is protected from harm and fraud. There are several ways to help increase the security at your home and business; one of the most effective is to install a Electronic security system.

work bench.
work bench.

The main highlight of this electronic security system is very cheap, so it is easy to install in home or office according to the demand.

The reason for the drop in cost of this system because, I am using Atmega16 instead costly ready made controller boards.

Components used :

  • Atmega16
  • led
  • buzzer
  • 100 ohm resistor
  • Scr ( Silicon controlled diode )
  • IR sensor
  •  9v 1.5 amp battery
  • servo motor
I made my hostel room as a mini electronics lab.
My hostel room as a mini electronics lab.

In this system, I have used one IR as a sensor in input and led, buzzer, and servo motor as actuator in the output of the ATmega16 micro-controller.

This security system will be activated according to the IR sensor, when the IR sensor is disturbed then  the sensor gives analog voltage to the micro-controller, then the micro-controller converts analog signal to digital signal and this digital signal is again convert into analog and actuates the buzzer and led which is connected in the output pin of the micro-controller.

For continuous alarm, even if the IR sensor is not disturbed after its disturbed state, I have connected SCR ( Silicon controlled rectifier) in forward bias in between the output pin and actuators.

characteristics of SCR.
characteristics of SCR.

NOTE : I used gate triggering technique for the continuous output signal.


Check out my demonstration of Electronics security system right after finishing the circuit and programming.


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