Man Following Robot

Man Following Robot is really cool robot, this is the first time felt the relationship between robot and me. After making this cool robot, I was totally got existed and inspired to make a robot which cares us and look after us when we are stressed in this day today busy life.


This man following robot is totally based on image processing and basic electronics.

When we talk about the electronics involved in this robot is power layout board, 12v lithium polymer battery, two 20v high torque motors and two H-Bridge Mosfet motor drivers.


While in other hand, image processing plays an important role in this robot to follow us. I have used basic color and pattern detection of my shirt to find me in the environment.

For image processing i have used,

—Logitech HD Webcam C310 is being used for Image Acquisition.

—It provides a Field of View of Approx. 42 degrees and pixel resolution of 1280 X 960.

—The Camera resolution is 720p.


As using both color and pattern detection, the robot is not very robust but this enables to follow us using color and patter. If we more robust the options are face detecting and laser sensing can be used to detect us in very robust condition.

The first step robot analyses the pattern and the color is available or not using the camera. If the camera detects the pattern and color in HSV type sequence of images.

The reason using HSV instead of RGB type of images is to eliminate the changing intensity value of the color due to sunlight or some other noise in the environment.

In simple world we extract the intensity of the color we want and save the pattern to search the both the values in the screen. The whole intensity of the color and the pattern is extracted by the value of each and every pixels involved in the color or pattern we desire.

The basic algorithm is as shown in the flow chart



Applications :

  • Jogging



This Man following robot can also be used for jogging, we all love to jog in the morning and its very essential in our day today life. For improving the jogging and other sports activities there are many apps available which tracks our performance and enhances our jogging experience but this man following robot enhances our jogging experience in very different way. It like now opposite we gonna follow the robot. It helps to get in phase in jogging and gives us new level of experience.

  • Gives company while you walk :

This Robot not only enhances your jogging but also give a social company while you walk, imagine you are walking alone and the your following robot makes your walking time very interesting by poking you and playing around with you. I believe that this is going to be the very kind social robot which helps people not only by caring but also by enhancing the mood.


Check out the demonstration of Man following robot for the first time . Its so fun to interact with the robot.


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